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Penny Stock terms

In today’s culture, whatever business you are into, there will always be an online community out there that can support you. If you are into small caps investment, than a penny stock forum should be the right place you should go. Of course you cannot discount the advantages of learning from dedicated blogs for penny stocks. Websites that give focus in this trade have useful information too. But a stock market forum involves people who are actually online real time.

In the forum, you can see who is currently online, who is joining in each thread or topic and how many people are members of the forum. The information exchange is real. It’s live. It’s like talking to people and sharing your views about penny stocks. They in return share their opinions. You also get stock price recommendations. It’s like going to a stock market online party where all that people talk about is stocks, stocks, and stocks. Of course why not?

This article will list down some of the most common topics created in a penny stock forum. If you are a new investor in stock market, it will be easier for you to look for these titles (or something that is close to it).

1. Penny stock trading questions. All questions about penny stock trading is posted here. Apparently, this forum thread is usually created for open discussions about general penny stock information and the business.

2. Charts of stocks. Well you know what a stock chart is. If you don’t, either read more about it or join this thread. This category talks about technical indicators and trends using charts.

3. Penny stock trading software. This thread is dedicated to new softwares, trading platforms, operating systems, and other technical software stuff you could find in the internet about small cap investment today.

4. Stations for trading. This topic can vary depending on the topic starter. One penny stock forum would start this topic by asking you your top ten trading stations.

5. Momentum of penny stock picks. Day traders know what this means. This is a thread that should have a lead on day trading.

6. Ticker symbols. There are new companies coming in every now and then and ticker symbols are always required. If you want to check on ticker symbols of companies used in the stock market, look for this thread.

7. Forex topics. Well as the title implies, it’s about foreign stocks in the stock market. Of course expect to find foreign currencies here.

8. Stock option and day traders. Either it’s about momentum stocks or day trading and stock options, these special fields in penny stock trading also deserves a rank in the top-ten list in this penny stock forum article.

9. Stock market education. This is also another term commonly used in most popular penny stock websites for free stock market education. Unlike static webpages, people get to interact with you when you have questions.

10. Stocks in Canada. Again as the title suggests, it’s about Canadian stocks. That shouldn’t be difficult, right?

The good thing about a penny stock forum is that you can discuss your questions, share opinions and share your success in the trade with others who are just as eager. And you’ll be surprised that people would share back. It’s a never ending discussion of ideas and even jokes. You meet new friends online. And best of all you also earn.…

Penny Stocks

Penny Stock Invest

Investing in penny stocks is a great way to build a portfolio and gain money over a period of time, but there are numerous stocks, bonds and mutual funds available, which one do you select and how do you decide? The best way to begin investing in stocks is to do the research. Start with companies you have faith in and get all of the info on those companies.

Guide to Beginner Investing

The first place to start is with company research, extract the 10K or the 10Q reports, these are the annual filings that companies do for the Security Exchange Committee. Then locate and read the proxy financial statement which tells you about the board of directors, management pay and shareholder proposals. Next the annual report should be read and info on the company going back five to ten years. Another thing to check is the income statements, balance sheet and the cash flow statement of the companies you are interested in; this will give you an idea of how the companies stocks have been doing and the well being of the company.

Once the research is done and the investor has contracted down the companies to invest in, its time to get a broker by going online or in person to start your investments. Stocks can be bought up-to-the-minute and most brokerage firms have virtual swopping for novices where you can go online and exercise trading and buying stocks with virtual dollars. This is a crucial way to make mistakes and learn about the process without using real cash. Finding a prestigious brokerage firm is done the same way by doing the research and making sure they have your best interest in mine and that there are no covered fees for servicing.


May novices can start with penny stocks if they don’t want to spend a bunch of money, many of the penny stocks are under five dollars. This can be a little less profitable but it can be a fun way to kickoff. Once a beginner exercises the virtual trading, he or she can begin small and invest in stocks that have been doing well and start to build their portfolio of investments. The best thing for novices to remember is that you don’t have to start big, practice, go online and buy one or two stocks and watch those. There is a lot of helpful data online for beginners so start small and research everything and swapping stocks can be profitable and fun.…