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Hole Punch - Loyalty Punch

Hole Punch - Loyalty Punch

#464 Long Reach Hole Punch - Loyalty Card Punch

Our long reach hole punch for square or round punches or choose one of our designs. The #464 has a 2" maximum reach and will punch up to 20 mil thick plastic.

*NOTE: For longer reach, customize to #439 with a 2 3/16" reach. See option below.

Punch your choice of symbols and designs into products, loyalty cards, tickets - great for bus ticket, railway, or frequent buyer cards. Punch paper, plastic, or film with our mighty punch. Handheld punch with 2 inch reach - our heavy duty punches are made of malleable iron -not pressed steel. Very durable high quality punch. Most designs on our design pages are around 3/16" - choose any stock design on our design pages 1 through 7 shown here.

Typically allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. RUSH is available for additional charge, usually to ship in two weeks. CALL or EMAIL US FIRST (see Contact Us) to be sure your selection can be rushed in this time.

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